ValourTech Machineries Sdn. Bhd.

VTM providing state-of-the-art, total engineering, construction and maintenance service via our total quality management approach to satisfy the needs of our clients from diverse industries.

Engineering & Consultation

  • DOSH/JKKP Consultant Services
  • DOSH/JKKP Approval Services
  • Machinery and Plant Registration
  • Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Boiler and Pressure vessel
    • Design Approval
    • Design and Engineering Consultation
    • Testing and Commissioning Consultation
    • Training
  • Lifting and Hoisting Machines
    • Design Approval
    • Testing and Commissioning Consultation
  • Factory and Machinery Audit
  • Occupational Safety and Health Audit
  • Policy and Legislative Compliance Application
  • Noise Risk Assessment
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Initial Ergonomic Assessment
  • Welding Consulting (WPS, PQR & WPQT)
  • Training
  • Training
    Fundamentally building awareness in understanding Health, Safety and Environment.

  • Consultancy
  • Consultancy
    Analyzing company HSE’s performance against organizational vision business outcome.

  • Assessment
  • Assessment
    Improving productivity and quality by identifying challenges; underpinning specific instructive decision.

  • Certification
  • Certification
    Industry-based accreditation that help organization to support a safe workplace environment.

Power Generation

The power generation division can evaluate current boiler or HRSG unit and recommend the right retrofit and upgrade package. We can provide Turn-Key EPC capacity and our service is include;
  • PP (Pressure Part) replacement, Furnace wall replacement, Harp/semi harps/module replacement, Bundle (coil) replacement, Link and Manifold pipe replacement, High energy piping replacement
  • Air and Gas system replacement, Duct and casing upgrade
  • Fuel feeding system replacement, Gas or Oil burner repair and addition
  • SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and CO system addition and replacement
  • Partial tube leakage repair and/or replacement
  • Expansion bellows and expansion joint retrofit and upgrade
  • Control Valves Reverse Engineering service
  • Integral De-superheater (Attemperator) spray valve upgrade
  • FCD (Flow Correction Device) upgrade
  • Leak detecting system, Life monitoring system application
  • Soot Blower

Boiler Inspection Service

Visual inspection of pressure parts, gas path, steel structure and piping. AKEF will carry out evaluation of the results and present inspection report with recommendation.

Additional Options Include

  • Pre-outage walkdown and punch list report based on findings and interviews
  • Thermographic survey to review casing, piping and identify leaks or faulty insulation
  • Recommendation for specialist Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) tasks to be performed during the detailed Boiler inspection (NDE to be performed by a qualified NDE technician)
  • Information Management and outage planning support

Condition Assessment Services

To provide a genuine one stop option for all your inspection and assessment needs, AKEF also offer assessment service.


Specialized HRSG Condition Assessment

  • Header Inspection
  • Phased Array Butt Weld Scanner
  • Water Chemistry Review/Corrosion Assessment
  • Root Cause Analysis

Detail Services

  • Detail internal and external inspection, including auxiliary equipment
  • Punchlist for critical work items
  • Recommendations for both current and future repairs
  • Required material list to accomplish our recommendations
  • Detailed service report incuding photographs and electronic copy
  • Detail AutoCAD drawings for report illustrations and mapping
  • Ultrasonic data review and planning
  • NDE review and trending
  • Code material requirement and procurement

Engineering Study & Supports

Aimed at assisting our clients on the upkeep and O&M (operation and Maintenance) improvement of their existing fleets, HFS has developed the capability to service HRSG, IB, FH and coal boiler and provide technical solutions to a wide range of reliability, performance and emission issues.
Our engineer have much experienced, professional engineers can be supplied technical solution when client have issue or problem. HFS have been able to produce successful results for our clients, meeting, their needs on time and within budget while supplying quality products. HFS are worked same time zone with client.
VTM has turn-key service capacities, engineering of modifications, structural analysis, thermal stress analysis, thermal calculation, life-time study and outage service such as repair, retrofit, upgrade and maintenance.

Oil and Gas

Given the burgeoning developments in the construction, infrastructure, as well as oil and gas industries in the region, VTM has the expertise to keep various sector well-oiled, literally. With in-depth competencies in turnkey project management and budget development, we have the edge to offer the full range of service from fabrication, construction, transportation, installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance of onshore and offshore structures and piping works.
Coupled with specific skill in fabricating and constructing topsides, process skids and modules, jackets, accommodation modules and living quarters, we have become the trusted vendor for oil and gas production facilities, gas processing plants, oil refinery plants and petrochemical plants.
Combining onshore process plant expertise with offshore module fabrication experience, we will continue to spearhead premium value-added services and go to the extra mile to deliver the best quality for the oil and gas industry.
Wail-trained, competent and experienced in all aspects of project management, the team at VTM is committed to offering total engineering and construction solutions to satisfy the needs of its clients from diverse industries. At VTM, our professional capabilities span various fields. Whether it is providing power plants with energy solutions or customizing structural and piping works for the oil and gas industries, we have developed the edge to execute a wide array of projects through our three business divisions.

Heavy Engineering Offshore Construction of

  • Jacket and appurtenance
  • Well head platform (WHP)
  • Living quarters (LQ)
  • Central processing platform (CPP)
  • Piles and conductors
  • Topsides
  • Turret and buoy structures
  • Modular piperack (PAU/PAR)
  • Subsea structures & appurtenance
  • Windfarm jacket structures

Valve Service

Supply of Valve and Spare Parts

As an Authorized Distributor for S&S, Samshin, Unicon & SVC Valve in Malaysia and Singapore, we provide a wide range of valve products include control, cryogenic, manual,safety valve & the spare parts.

One Stop Solution Provider

We carry out on-site and in-house valve servicing inclusive of re-conditioning, replacement of parts, testing & calibration as well as ensure continuous production with periodical & preventive valve maintenance and repair service. We are a one-stop valve service on maintenance process from dismantling, overhaul and repair through to re-installation, commissioning and replacement. We know that all valves must be repaired at a certain period, as incorrect valves repair services will cause a part of safety risks. Therefore, with our experienced technical team which are well trained, We always ensure our customers to receive quality valves that meet their expectation after maintenance to receive a longer lifetime. As an Authorized Distributor for S&S, Samshin, Unicon, Dong Kang Metal and SVC Valve in Malaysia and Singapore, we provide a wide range of valve products include manual valve (casting & forging), control valve, cryogenic valve, safety valve & etc which can be referred on our website.

Our Expertise Experience

Our team is ready to support our customers from regular supply valves on your requirements, repairs and maintenance planning through to complete lifecycle and execution. We also offer maintenance supervision for our customer on installing based and support a long-term maintenance need. Our service work with both new equipment purchase, installation, modernizing and upgrading existing part as well as preventive maintenance activities to ensure that the recommended maintenance services have been followed and completed on a safe standard. We also provide Valves Test, Repair and Calibration Service for All Type of Valves and Valve sizing (Ball valve, Butterfly valve, Choke valve, Diaphragm valve, Gate valve, Globe valve, Knife valve, Needle valve, Pinch valve, Piston valve, Plug valve, Solenoid valve, Spool Valve and etc). We are also accredited under ISO9001 & ISO45001.

Engineering Services

  • Good customer service & Engineering Services does not end with the sale, it is only the beginning.
  • We will support you with professional installation & commissioning, troubleshooting, and engineering service include reverse engineering of control valve.

Testing & Commisioning

  • This service includes installing, testing, commissioning and maintenance of various type of valves.

Valve Maintenance & Services (All Type of Valve)

  • Service maintenance, overhaul & testing (workshop & In situ)
  • Valve preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance
  • In-situ valves machining and services
  • Valves flushing, lubrication & sealant on-site
  • Manage and execute shut-down and preventive maintenance
  • Actuator valve service and repair
  • Fabricate and supply new parts (soft parts & metal parts)
  • Supply competent manpower

Instrument / Electrical Maintenance, Service Testing & Re-Calibration

  • In-situ maintenance, service & overhaul
  • Control valve on site calibration
  • Transmitter annual calibration
  • Plant commissioning and start-up
  • Control valve actuator refurbish and service
  • Built up control valve control panel and system
  • Supply competent manpower
  • Safety valves pop-test and recalibration on-site

Reverse Engineering (Re-Conditioning)

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